Thursday, March 21, 2019

LAMB I - Sheep Series

LAMB I ~ by Vegan Artist © Karrel Christopher
oil on canvas painting ~ 40 x 30 cm
When I look upon a lamb I feel profoundly moved by their innocence, beauty and gentleness. One would think that such purity of spirit would inspire people to be the most kind and compassionate humans they could be. Yet despite our modern times and access to ethical and responsible alternatives, our society still endorses the slavery, exploitation, mutilation and murder of sheep (and many other species). What bizarre misguided thinking allows the betrayal sentient beings—that would do you no harm? What corrosion of ethics and morality?! Animals look into our eyes with hopeful trust us and over and over again people betray them with domination and violence. How can these heartless betrayals be reconciled?! Certainly it must ultimately result in a form of soul death.

On this Full Moon Spring Equinox of 2019, please examine your beliefs, traditions, habits, possessions and venues for making money. Do they really make you happy and fulfilled? What legacy are you building? Our growing population seems to suffer from such loneliness, anxiety and desperation. Mindlessly stumbling along distracted, selfish and obsessed - so consumed with arrogance and greed. How long does the human species in their delusion believe that they can continue to destructively infest this planet Earth – abusing and destroying its precious inhabitants -with no regard for the consequences?! Domination and violence are not the answer. Our choices matter...on so many levels. We can open our eyes and snap out of it. Connect with Earth Family. Look into their eyes. Know and understand them. Consider their experiences. Feel. What we learn can lead us to a beautiful awakening inspiring us to take caring responsible action and evolve. Consult your heart intelligence. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Let the healing and renewal begin with you. There is such joy, health, contentment and peace possible when we commit to kind, respectful and loving choices.

It is urgently important that we unveil the deceptions and delusions that allow us to compartmentalize our compassion, goodness and ethics.
We must stop betraying *non*human lives and the Earth.
When we discover our conscience ~ we must act.
All beings cherish safety, family, freedom and LIFE
~~~ Live, rejoice and prosper VEGAN ~~~
Create a world respectful, just, safe and joyous for everyone. ~ KC

Original oil on canvas paintings by vegan artist © Karrel Christopher ~ There are currently another 11 portraits honoring SHEEP and celebrating their relationships ~ in progress ~ near completion. Stay tuned in 2019 for their debut!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Spotted Jaguar Painted Frame Drum

SPOTTED JAGUAR by © Karrel Christopher
-- Original Hand Painted Custom Designs --
Special commission - SOLD
~ COMPASSIONATE DRUMMING ~ The marriage of art, sound, rhythm...a gentle soothing tone or bold voice - it is your choice. *NON*leather Frame Drums painted with professional artist oils by vegan artist Karrel Christopher. Celebrating the elements of nature & honoring its special animal beings with spiritual joy.
I have two styles of quality REMO Frame Drums available for my custom designed and painted creations. The classic Buffalo Style Frame Drum 3 1/2'' deep...or... the newer Fiberskyn Frame Drum 2 1/2'' deep - in diameters of 14'', 16'' or 22''.
The surface of these drums are a dream to paint on - allowing for beautiful detail. You can drum to your hearts content knowing that no animal was butchered for these drum heads. *And happily the synthetic drum head is more tone stable in various humidity and temperatures than animal skin drums. Every drummer I have spoken with compliments their durability and rich tone quality! There are so many ways to create pleasing sounds on these frame drums. They may be played for musical enjoyment, mediation and ceremony with a soft mallet provided. Play with your hands without jewelry and avoiding sharp nails. More bell like tones by striking the rim and bottom edge with your fingers and palm. Call to great spirit with love, beauty and compassion and enjoy fine art in your sanctuary space. Please feel welcome to contact me about commissioning your one-of-a-kind drum.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Donkey Family Jora & Marri

Jora & Marri ~ Donkey Family
by artist © Karrel Christopher
Original oil on board painting 70 x 55 cm, frame available
Sometimes the joy of love just cannot be contained – and why should it?! All beings glow in the sweetness of compassion and relationship.
For several years, Jora had a close relationship with another older donkey that the Kid’s Farm manager referred to as her “grandmother” (name Pipa). Their history was unclear but was believed to include giving exhausting rides on back and in carts - and being transported for holiday nativity scenes. Their retirement to the Kid’s Farm was far from perfect but certainly less demanding.
The years I volunteered there, I did my best to advocate for respect and improved care for them and for all the farm residents. We had become very good friends. Until then, I had never realized how smart, loving and affectionate donkeys are. Donkey hugs are very special!!
After a time “grandmother” Pipa became very unwell and was separated from Jora. I will never forget her heartbreaking desperate cries from Jora as Pipa was dragged away. Sadly, grandmother Pipa did not recover from her illness. I fear with the prevailing apathy and comments about her “just being old” that they just “put her down” rather than giving her a chance with reasonable veterinary care.
For Jora, the months that followed were sad, lonely and full of anxiety. I visited with her as often as possible – bringing her healthy treats, helping with clean up and grooming and just sitting with her. Our long gentle talks and warm hugs meant the world to me...and hopefully helped her feel supported in her loneliness. The search was on to find her a new companion...but it seemed to go painfully slow for a donkey suffering alone. The other goats and sheep would sniff and greet her through the fence but it just was not the same as having her own species to connect with – in person.
Finally, the happy day arrived and I was thrilled to assist in ushering in the new young donkey friend “Marri”. I spent hours with them overseeing the introductions and reassuring them both. It all went so smoothly – dare I say perfectly – it seemed to be love at first sight for them both. Jora’s months of loneliness were finally over and sweet lovely Marri was no longer having to compete in a large herd of donkeys where she was born. She seemed very very at ease in her new home.
As the hours, days, weeks and months went by – I could see and feel the depth of their love and connection grow. Their attitude, behavior and health simply blossomed with caring, love and joy. I was so very blessed to share in so many wonderful days with them – our closeness growing with every visit.
Though I no longer am able to visit with my donkey friends, I carry their gentleness and kindness in my heart. They taught me so much about love and have changed my life for the better. In this painting endeavored to portray the colorful energy of their relationship...and a love that can help heal a weary world.
All beings cherish safety, family, freedom and LIFE
~~~ Live, rejoice and prosper VEGAN ~~~
Create a world respectful, just, safe and joyous for everyone.
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Due to the discovery of several thefts of my art images being used for unauthorized, unlicensed merchandise sales and frequent downloads and shares without credits and links – I will no longer be sharing quality resolutions images. If you should have sincere interest in a painting you are considering for purchase – contact me for more information and better resolution photos via private e-mail. Many thanks for your understanding, consideration and support.
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

TULIPS Collection by Karrel

by artist © Karrel Christopher
- Original oil paintings -
Tulip I - 11 x 14 inches oil canvas board
Tulips II - 16 x 20 inches O/C
Tulips III - 20 x 24 inches O/C
Tulips IV - 50 x 50 cm O/B 
Available for purchase - message me via the Contact tab at my ART website: 
This last spring I was thrilled by the beauty of Double Orange & Yellow Tulips - a new painting series is underway!  Coming soon!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Snake Plant & Croton - oil on canvas

Sansevieria trifasciata & Codiaeum variegatum
commonly known as Snake Plant & Croton 
by artist © Karrel Christopher
Original oil on canvas painting, 24 x 36 inches
~ available for purchase ~ canvas rolls for shipping
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Monday, November 26, 2018

Friday, November 23, 2018


Inspired by the beauty of nature 
--- ORCHIDS I & II ---
original oil on canvas paintings ~ 25 x 25 cm / 10 x 10 inches
by vegan artist © Karrel Christopher
~ A perfect set for home or office ~ ready to ship for the holidays!